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Iron Swords war

The path for tomorrow.. starts today

We are at war. Our soldiers are fighting ceaselessly, as every moment and every second counts. Their spirits are high and they are unwavering in their determination.

We believe that these heroes are Israel's future, and we must provide aid for them upon their return from war.


For the past 15 years, 'Bshvil', a non-profit organization, has been helping IDF soldiers to overcome combat-related trauma. It is our mission to help them restore their spirit and return to normal life. Our program includes professionally guided meetings, support-group activities which take place in the outdoors and an ongoing personal support, as needed.


During this time of war, Bshvil is providing emergency mental resilience support for soldiers in war zone. knowing that PTSD can be treated effectively when it is done immediately, we must prepare for the day after the war.


The cost of funding one combat unit's group activity (15 soldiers) is US$30,000. We are committed to assisting 100 combat units per year.

A soldier for half of the program


A soldier for the whole program 


5 soldiers for the whole program 


An entire combat unit program



We'll appreciate any contribution. Our soldiers will thank you personally.

This is a call to action! Join us now in helping thousands of combat soldiers who need our immediate help.

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About Us

After being released from the IDF, many  fighters deal with the effects of combat events in their day-to-day lives. The For Tomorrow Association helps those fighters who are released from military service in dealing with the events. The association's activities include group trips in nature guided by professionals. As part of these trips, the participants learn and practice A model for strengthening mental resilience and there are discussion circles that are a protected space where everyone can share with the group about combat events they have experienced and the process of dealing with them.

Group Process

A journey for tomorrow is a support and learning group for women and men who have experienced significant events during their military service. Some of the groups are organic teams or departmentsnew frequency and openness while sharing their personal point of view on joint combat eventseach other for the first time at the beginning of the journey process for commanders and fighters who choose to do so.


 Personal Process

As part of the journey process,  from the interview stage to the farewell meeting, each participant goes through a personal process within the process that the whole group goes through. The process allows the participants to learn about their personal sources of resilience, to diversify coping styles and to experience a participatory emotional discourse in the group.

Working With Nature

In the journeys for tomorrow  the group spends most of the day in nature. Being in nature helps to create an open atmosphere. Nature brings the participants back to positive experiences from childhood and enables a sense of continuity, continuity, growth and renewal that help the personal process of each participant.


The journey process for tomorrow


Initial Introduction

The journeys carried out by an association for tomorrow are mental journeys, the journey process begins with a short meeting for an initial introduction with the pair of facilitators who will accompany the entire process. The meeting is usually held in Tel Aviv but changes from time to time according to the convenience of the facilitators and participants.


The Main Journey Chapter

A few days after the opening meeting (between 3 and 10 days)Leaving for the main part of the trip: 8 days (Monday to Monday) for trips abroad, and 6 days (Sunday to Friday) for trips taking place in Israel.


During this episode, the participants will meet again with themselves and their teammates and will go through a significant mental process together that will strengthen the relationship between them to understand more successfully how to deal with experiences they have gone through and left a mark on them and in addition they will be able to acquire tools to deal with the multitude of life's obstacles that will be placed before them in the future


Opening Meeting

The next step is the opening meeting - a two-day meeting on Thursday and Friday (until 13:00) and takes place at some site in Israel.In this meeting, the other participants in the journey are introduced for the first time, and organic team journeys meet again with the members on a very different platform from the one they have known until now.


During the meeting, they write together a "group contract" drafted by the participants, the meaning of which is to allow room for a healthy and open emotional dialogue.


The Day After The Journey


About two weeks after the end of the main chapter, a farewell meeting is held in which the process is summarized and "the day after the journey" is talked about.


This meeting lasted for several hours on Thursday from the morning until the evening.

In the coming months, we will schedule 2-4 meetings to facilitate the development of our group into a self-sustaining support group.

Ongoing Activity


Board of Directors -Bshvil

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Anat Samson-Joffe - Chair and founder of B'shvil. Certified psychotherapist. Anat founded the organization in 2009, and since then she has devoted all her time and energy to the welfare of ex-combatant soldiers.


Dan Harel - Retired general in the IDF and a former Deputy Chief of the General Staff. After his retirement, Harel served as the Director General of the Ministry of Defense, later on as the Director General of the Ministry of Transportation and Head of the Israel Railways Company. Harel is a prominent member in the board of directors and is the head of the Government Relations Committee of Bshvil.

Dr. Shlomo Mandelovitz- Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Head Director of the 'Shalvata Mental Health Center', a lecturer and researcher in the psychotherapy program at the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Mandelovitz is an active member of the board and is the head of the Professional Committee.


Prof. Israel Bar Yosef – Former vice president of Weitzman Institute. Prof. Bar-Joseph served in a variety of scientific management positions at the Institute, including Dean of Educational Activities. He was a member and chairman of the board of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and a member of several government committees on science education. Prof. Bar Yosef is the head of the Resources Committee.


Amichai Steimberg- Mr. Steimberg retired in March 2020 as the CEO of Orbotech. He serves as the chairman of Innoviz Technologies, as the chairman of Airovation Technologies a private Air-tech, Carbon capture company, a board member of OffSec, a private US-based cyber security company, and a board member of the Israel-based startup companies, Polymertal, in the field of metallization of polymers and Tevel aerobatics, a fruit picking drown company.

Mr. Steimberg was also the chairman of Highcon LTD, which he led through a successful IPO on TASE in November 2020.

Mr. Steimberg advises start-up companies in their early stages and is active in various social organizations.

Nitzan Kamchi – Co-Founder of 'KATA company', Co-Founder and owner at 'Abraham Hostels & Tours'. Nitzan invests his time in social and business enterprises, in mentoring young people, consulting for companies. He is the head of the financial committee.


Itay Horstok- Executive Director of Luxembourg Trade and Investment office in Israel. In addition, he is Managing Partner at 'Sherpa InnoVentures', member of board of directors of 'Beta-O2 Technologies Ltd.', and partner and managing director of 'Evolution Venture Capital Fund'.


Udi Bernstein, Ph.D.- Educator and entrepreneur. Udi lectures on Political Philosophy, Global Processes and Secular Judaism. He founded and managed the program “Reim”, an organization which helps cope with communication social and learning challenges. For three years, Udi also headed the Arava Mechina in Paran in southern Israel. 

Staff of Bshvil

Tomer Freibach CEO

Tomer is 54 years old, has a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science from Ben-Gurion University, and a Master's degree in the Department of Work Studies from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Tel Aviv University.Formerly he was director of organizational consulting teams at "Matrix Consulting", one of the largest IT companies in Israel; Human resources manager at "Hod Lavan Food Products"; Human resources manager in "Clal Insurance Company".

In the army, he served as an officer in the rescue and evacuation unit of Air Force 669, and completed his service as the unit's deputy commander with the rank of Major. Tomer has been a longtime volunteer in Bshvil since 2010 and has been leading the organization as CEO since 2019.

 Tomer chose to take his rich experience in the worlds of organizational and strategic consulting and in the field of human resources and apply it for the benefit of leveraging Bshvil and promoting the field of assistance to combat-related trauma. 

Doron Marom, Professional Manager.

The professional manager of Bshvil since 2006, is Doron Marom. Doron holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Political Science, and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology & Organizational Behavior. Doron has many years of experience as a psychologist in a private practice and in non-profit organizations, working with individuals and families. In addition, he is a lecturer at Beit Berl College.

Doron is responsible for all professional aspects of Bshvil's activities, in particular for the recruitment, training and activities of the facilitators and psychologies of the programs.


Miri Yashar, Operations Manager. Information systems manager and systems analyst.

Nitzan Zarhi, Participant Coordinator. Graduated from the security services.

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B'shvil Hamachar (Path to Tomorrow) began in 2007 after the Second Lebanon War when the founders realized that hundreds of soldiers who returned from the war were quietly suffering. These soldiers have been released from the Army but are not yet released inside. Since then B'shvil Hamachar has been offering journeys to provide critical counseling for these soldiers.

Your donations help to support our mission to assist veterans of the Israel Defense Forces who went through extremely difficult experiences as a result of their service. It is our goal to help them overcome their "invisible scars" so they can go on to live healthy, productive lives and contribute to and strengthen Israeli society.

Through group journeys in nature led by psychologists and outdoor therapists, veterans gain emotional tools to process, cope and repackage their internal scars. This journey also allows them to share with and support others who have endured similar incidents. Through this program, they learn they are not alone.

Friends of B'shvil Hamachar (A Path to Tomorrow) provides what the Israeli government cannot - the quiet, healing environment of the Colorado Mountains along with the loving supportive families that offer a critical element of recovery and therapy. The therapy and group activities provide Israeli wounded warriors with innovative and transformational counseling that builds confidence and improves their lives. With your help, all services are provided free of charge to the soldiers.

Partners Of Bshvil